Chopin Resonances Today

Chopin’s music is a lasting European legacy admired worldwide, transcending time and space. We examine how the Franco-Polish musician continues to fascinate a young generation of multi-disciplinary artists, non-professional musicians and ordinary people. Chopin’s work has a seductive power through its intimate, rather melancholic and strangely mysterious nature.

Chopin Resonances Today is a series of events to soothe the spirit and unite our common humanity. Chopin remains one of the greatest piano composers praised by the world over from North to South, and East to West.

In Brussels for The Festival of the New European Bauhaus on 9-14 April 2024, Inspiring Culture invite you to some exciting new events 

(1)  Resonance Chopin Today  - an exhibition of contemporary art 

Stanislav Bojankov (BG), Ulrike Bolenz (BE-GER), Louisa Burnett-Hall (FR-UK), Sofi Etsadashvili (GE), Sarah Ferreira (FR-PT), Adrien Horvatovic (FR-CR), Daun Jeong (KR), Edward Liddle (UK), MOME University,Budapest (HU) : Edit Szuc, Adam Ellenbacher, Laura Hoover, Andrea Kovacs, Szimonetta Loki; Asif Shaikh (IN), Layla Walter (NZ)

(2) Chopin in Movement: Dance workshop to Chopin’s Mazurka 

(3) Chopin in Literature : A Talk

- Madame Pylinska et le secret de Chopin,  Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt - Wunderkind , Nikolai Grozni

(4) Chopin in Concert in Brussels on the 13th April by Aarun Monteiro Kassam : Ballade op38, Nocturne op55n1, Polonaise op44, Mazurka op17 n4, Ballade op23

(5) Chopin in theater on the 16th May, Invitation to enjoy the play “Madame Pylinska et le secret de Chopin” by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in Poissy, France

(6) Two articles in Target Global n°8, 2024

Chopin through Japanese animation and manga by Liam Garnier

The Mystery of a Flowered Vase by Jacques Chuilon

(7) Concert Chopin Resonances in Paris on the 18th May by :

Aloun Ladsahody

Nocturne Op 9 No.1 in Bb minor & Saiy Lom Yen 2. Chopin meets Champa Meuang Lao 3. Nocturne in Eb major Op. 9, No. 2 4. Chopin in Vientiane 5. Impromptu in Paris

Marina Chan 

3 Chopin Polish songs no 1- 3 in opus 74 J S Bach Prelude and Fugue no 12 in F minor BWV 857/1/2, Prelude no 4 ( or possibly no 8 ), Posthumous Nocturne, Ballade no 4, Bach-gounod Ave Maria.

Nina Kostova

Frédéric Chopin 

Ballade no. 2 and 3 Nocturnes E flat majore op. 9 no. 2 and c minore op. 48 no 1 Etude op. 25 no. 6


Yoobin Ko

Frédéric Chopin
 Mazurka Op. 17 No. 1, 2, 3, 4 Étude Op. 10 No. 1 Sonate No. 2 en si bémol mineur, Op. 35 Scherzo No. 2 en si bémol mineur, Op. 31 


Suyoon Kim

Frédéric Chopin

Scherzo n° 2 en si bémol mineur Op. 31 Ballade n° 1 en sol mineur Op. 23 Ballade n° 3 en la bémol majeur Op. 47 Nocturne n° 2 en mi bémol majeur Op. 9 Nocturne n° 20 en do dièse mineur Op.P1 n° 16 Sonate n° 2 en si bémol mineur Op. 35 (1,2,3,4 mov)


Nathan Bauer et Ted Marx

Pauline Viardot 

Romance – Bohémienne – Mazourke – Vieille chanson - Tarentelle

* Chopin Resonances Today will stop in Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, Budapest, Tsinandali, Suzhou …

- Brussels from 9 to 21 April 2024

- Paris from the 3rd May to 7th June 2024 @ Société Historique et Littéraire Polonaise / Bibliothèque Polonaise de Paris



Catalogue of the exhibition

Chopin Resonances Today-Bruxelles

Chopin Resonances Today ‐ Paris ‐ Photos by Jacques Chuilon

Marathon “Chopin Resonances Today” on 18 May 2024   @ Polish Library Paris by international musicians

Chopin marathon Paris 18 mai 2024


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